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The GA4 Configuration Tag initializes GA4 on each page you wish to track. It is automatically configured to send a page view event each time the tag loads. In order to control the parameters sent with each page view event, we recommend creating a separate tag through the following steps.



1. Configuration Tag: Uncheck the box next to "Send a page view event..." [above]

2. Page View Tag: Create a new tag with event name "page_view" 

3. Trigger: Apply the appropriate trigger to fire the Page View tag on each page


Detailed Step - Configuration Tag

The Configuration Tag should

  • fire once per page
  • have a higher firing priority than the page view tag [ex. 3]
  • fire on the same trigger as the Page View Tag


In this case, we applied a trigger called 'All Pages - DOM Ready' which allows for the elements on screen to load before the trigger will fire the tag. That trigger is configured thusly: 


Detailed Step - Page View Tag

GA4 Page View Tags in support of ChannelMix should

  • include the ChannelMix ID as a parameter
  • set the Event Name to "page_view"
  • fire on the same trigger as eh Configuration Tag
  • have a lower firing priority than the Configuration Tag


Where the ChannelMix ID variable is configured through GTM following this guide. 


With the above requirements implemented through GTM, load your site in Google Chrome and inspect the network activity using Chrome DevTools. Select the Network tab and filter on "collect?v=2" to view network requests sent from your site to GA4. Navigate your site to trigger several page views then ensure the following:

  • Only one request was sent per page
  • The Measurement ID is exactly that of your GA4 Data Stream
  • Event name 'en' is 'page_view'
  • The User Parameter 'up' for channelmix_id is included




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