Missing Keys - Dashboard Tab Overview


The purpose of the Missing Keys dashboard tab is to help you as a Keys user, quickly identify which campaigns are not matching a Key entered in app.channelmix.com. There are many reasons why a campaign from your data source will appear in this dashboard tab:

  1. The campaign name in your data source does not have a Key 
  2. The Key in your campaign name has a typo or the wrong delimiter
  3. The Key in your campaign name does not exist in app.channelmix.com

If your campaign is due to reason 1 or 2, go back to your data source and edit your campaign name. If it is due to reason 3, go to Keys in app.channelmix.com and enter the Key! Once your campaign names and Keys are corrected, you will see the campaign list in this dashboard tab upon the next data refresh. 

Need a crash course on implementing Keys? Check out our ChannelMix Keys Implementation Guide! Want to read more about Keys? Check out our Keys - ChannelMix Control Center section


Supported Dashboards

Supported BI Tools

The Missing Keys Tab is currently available in Tableau and PowerBI upon request

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