Rules | Transform versus Transform Group

Use Transform Group to create advanced logic around your rules. It allows you to write a broad rule and then narrow it down using a transform group to exclude certain values from your rule. 

Let's say, for example, you have run enrollment campaigns the last 4 years. You want to group all the past enrollment campaigns together but exclude this current years. 

Your data before the rule is as follows:

  • Enrollment 2019
  • Enrollment 2020
  • Enrollment 2021
  • Enrollment 2022

You want to change the data as follows: 

  • Enrollment 2019 > Enrollment Campaign
  • Enrollment 2020 > Enrollment Campaign
  • Enrollment 2021 > Enrollment Campaign
  • Enrollment 2022 > Enrollment 2022

You can write three equals statements like below:


Or you can simplify your calculation using more advanced logic like below:


Both options will provide the desired outcome. 


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