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Leveraging historical performance, the Plan Performance dashboard can be used as a tool to set budget goals and expectations for upcoming marketing. By calculating a baseline, you will be equipped to answer the following business questions:

  1. How much should I budget in order to achieve a goal of X clicks, leads, transactions, customers, etc.?
  2. Based on the budget that I am given, how many clicks, leads, transactions, customers, etc. should I expect to generate?

* The Plan Performance dashboard can also be upgraded to include ChannelMix AI. Once upgraded, this tab will be able to predict future performance and provide recommendations on how to use your budget more efficiently. The upgraded capability will allow you to answer the additional business questions:

  1. How should I distribute that budget across my marketing channels?
  2. What is the most/more cost efficient way to generate clicks, leads, transactions, customers, etc, in the future?

* Requires Advance Package 


Supported Dashboards

Supported BI Tools

The Plan Performance Dashboard tab is available in Tableau and available in the Digital Marketing Pipeline and Marketing to Sales Pipeline dashboards in PowerBI. 

  • Full PowerBI support coming soon!


Unsure what a term means in the Plan Performance dashboard tab? Check out our Glossary of Terms article

Below are commonly asked questions about the Plan Performance dashboard tab:

  1. How come "Next Year" is not a Planning Window option for my prediction? *
    • The further out in time you look to predict, the less confident the model becomes. Predicting "Next Year" could require the model to predict as far as 23 months out. For example, if someone selects "Next Year" in January of 2022, the model is attempting to predict performance in December 2023, which would be two Decembers from that point. It is best for the model to predict within a 12-month window. 
  2. What are the categorizations of the predictions I receive? I have multiple Top Predictions, how do I know which one to use? *
    • Upon running your prediction model, ChannelMix categorizes the results to make the decision-making process quick! Want to get the best "bang for your buck"? Follow a Top Prediction. Those are recommendations that provide a larger value of your target for a smaller cost when compared to your baseline. (Additionally, the most efficient recommendation is counted as a Top Prediction). Not too worried about your budget and just striving to get the most amount of your target possible? Follow a Maximize Target Prediction. For a more in-depth explanation, please check out our Marketing & Media Mix Modeling - Prediction Categories Explained article
  3. Why do my predictions not provide suggestions for every increment of spend? I want to spend the most amount of money possible. *
    • The model may not be able to provide a prediction for the amount of budget you want to spend due to diminishing returns. We know that as you continue to invest more in a single strategy (i.e, Paid Search), you will eventually encounter a point of diminishing returns where each additional dollar invested returns less than the previous dollar. ChannelMix uses your historic performance to model the diminishing returns for each media. The diminishing returns are utilized while optimizing your marketing budget to ensure you are getting the most out of each dollar spent. 
  4. How can I be sure that my marketing and media mix recommendation is realistic? I did not allocate this percentage of my budget to my strategies this way before. *
    • ChannelMix constrains spend in each strategy to stay within historic bounds (plus a small buffer). This prevents the model from recommending something drastically different than what you have ever done before.
  5. How often are my predictions being updated? These past few weeks/months have been important and I want it to be accounted for. *
    • ChannelMix is re-training each prediction model (one for each stage of your pipeline) monthly and provides 5,000 optimal marketing and media mix recommendations. Training monthly aligns with Prediction Windows being in monthly increments. If you need to identify the last time your model was trained, that information is provided at the top of the Model Summary dashboard tab. 
  6. The prediction button is saying that "Predictions are not available for...". Why is that? *
    • Cost is an input for all our models. For dashboards that have multiple targets (Digital Marketing Pipeline and Marketing to Sales Pipeline), the model cannot identify how best to allocate cost because it is unsure if it is trying to be most efficient in generating impressions, leads, etc.
    • On the other hand, for the channel-level dashboards, cost is available as a goal. This is because ChannelMix has predetermined the target metric that best suits that marketing strategy (in most cases clicks or engagements) and therefore the model knows how to proceed. This also means that not all metrics (like media conversions) are available to be targeted be default.
  7. I am getting a notification stating "The goal you have entered is unattainable". Why is my goal unattainable - even if I am attempting to predict the same exact number of leads that I achieved in the baseline window? *
    • If your baseline window is the Previous Period, seasonality may be the cause for this. The time of year always has an effect on behavior. ChannelMix can determine how the time of year affects your target. By default, the prediction model learns how the week of the year, the month of the year, and holidays contribute to your overall target. Note: year-over-year seasonality is included for datasets with at least 2 years of data. For more information, please read the Data Requirements in our ChannelMix Modeling Engine | Marketing & Media Mix Modeling article
    • If your baseline window is the Previous Year, outliers during the baseline window could be the cause for this. Go back to the Planning Configuration section of your dashboard. Do you see spikes in the trendline of your target? Large spikes may not be a realistic performance expectation for the future. 
  8. I am getting a notification stating "Your Model Is Performing Below Benchmark" after running my prediction. What does that mean and how should I proceed? *
    • This warning occurs when the Prediction Performance of your model (one for every target) is lower than ChannelMix's default performance baseline of 65%. There can be multiple reasons why your model isn't capable of correctly making predictions, which you can find out more about in our Marketing & Media Mix Modeling - Understanding your Prediction Performance article. If you receive this warning we don't feel confident in the recommendations being suggested and you should reach out to your CSM to discuss options for improving your model performance. 
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