Model Summary - Dashboard Tab Overview


The Model Summary tab provides insight into what the ChannelMix Modeling Engine has learned about your marketing history. These results are what is informing the predictions and recommendations that are found in your Plan Performance dashboard tab. Use this dashboard tab to answer the following questions: 

  1. How well is my prediction model performing? How accurate have the predictions been?
  2. Which strategy (i.e, channel) has the greatest marginal return on ad spend?
  3. When does my strategy (i.e, channel) start encounter diminishing returns on clicks, leads, transactions, etc.?

* Requires Advance Package 


Supported Dashboards

Supported BI Tools

The Plan Performance Dashboard tab is available in Tableau and available in the Digital Marketing Pipeline and Marketing to Sales Pipeline dashboards in PowerBI. 

  • Full PowerBI support coming soon!


Unsure what a term means in the Model Summary dashboard tab? Check out our Glossary of Terms article

Below are commonly asked questions about the Model Summary dashboard tab:

  1. I am getting a notification stating "Your Model Is Performing Below Benchmark" after running my prediction. What does that mean and how should I proceed? *
    • This warning occurs when the Prediction Performance of your model (one for every target in your pipeline) is lower than ChannelMix's default performance baseline of 65%. There can be multiple reasons why your model isn't capable of correctly making predictions, which you can find out more about in our Marketing & Media Mix Modeling - Understanding your Prediction Performance article. If you receive this warning, we don't feel confident in the recommendations being suggested and you should reach out to your CSM to discuss options for improving your model performance. 
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