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ChannelMix failure notifications are automated messages sent through the Help Center that let our customers know about a failure that has occurred and that we need you, our customer, to assist in resolving it. The automated messages will allow for earlier visibility into issues through a ticket and provide you with the opportunity to take actions in order to resolve the failure and get data flowing again.

Customers will need to designate a primary contact to receive the automated messages. The primary contact will need to have both a ChannelMix Control Center user and a verified Zendesk account user.

Types of Failures

The types of failures that you will be receiving automated communication for are around permissions, authentication and inactivity. In all three of these situations, we generally receive back distinct messages from data services that let us know something went wrong and actions need to be taken. We capture these messages, gather other important pieces of information and then send the automated message, so that you are able to understand the failure and what actions need to be taken in order to resolve it.

Options for Resolving

Within the automated message, we will provide prompts how an issue can be resolved.  In general, the resolving actions could be reconnect a connection, regain permissions to an account, discontinue the data calls and remove or retain all applicable data. If the resolving actions do not seem appropriate for the failure encountered or you wish to take a different action, then you can respond to the ticket for additional assistance.

Manual Notifications

The new automated messages for the failures above is a really exciting step in providing quicker communication to our customers. While we continue expanding on this feature, there will still continue to be tickets sent out by our Product Support team regarding other failures that do not fit into the categories outlined above. File and email loading issues, missing files, Google Sheet failures and the like will continue being sent out through tickets as they normally are today.

What now?

While we hope that automated failure notifications are few and far between, as you inevitably start receiving them, please act on them like you normally would with other communications from our Product Support team. The quicker the failures are resolved, the better! Also, if you have any feedback for improvement, we would gladly welcome it.

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