Shopify | Order Standard Dataset

This article details the dataset structure ChannelMix considers standard for the Order dataset from Shopify. There is a 1 day lag with a 30 day span that will be run daily. If a different span of refresh is required, just let us know.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Type Description
ID Dimension The ID of the order, used for API purposes. This is different from the order number, which is the ID used by the shop owner and customer
Report Date Date The date the order was created in Shopify
Closed At Datetime The date and time when the order was closed
Created At Datetime The autogenerated date and time when the order was created in Shopify
Updated At Datetime The date and time when the order was last modified
Gateway Dimension The payment gateway used.
Test Dimension Whether this is a test order
Total Price Number The sum of all line item prices, discounts, shipping, taxes, and tips in the shop currency

Subtotal Price

Number The price of the order in the shop currency after discounts but before shipping, taxes, and tips
Total Weight Number The sum of all line item weights in grams
Total Tax Number The sum of all the taxes applied to the order in the shop currency

Taxes Included

Dimension Whether taxes are included in the order subtotal
Currency Number The three-letter code for the shop currency
Financial Status Number The status of payments associated with the order
Total Discounts Number The total discounts applied to the price of the order in the shop currency
Total Line Items Price Number The sum of all line item prices in the shop currency
Referring Site Dimension The website where the customer clicked a link to the shop
Landing Site Dimension The URL for the page where the buyer landed when they entered the shop
Cancelled At Datetime The date and time when the order was canceled
Cancel Reason Dimension The reason why the order was canceled
Processed At Datetime The date and time when the order was processed
Order Number Dimension The order 's position in the shop's count of orders starting at 1001
Discount Applications Dimension An ordered list of stacked discount applications
Discount Amount Number The amount that's deducted from the order total. When you create an order, this value is the percentage or monetary amount to deduct. After the order is created, this property returns the calculated amount.
Discount Code Dimension When the associated discount application is of type code, this property returns the discount code that was entered at checkout. Otherwise this property returns the title of the discount that was applied.
Discount Type Dimension The type of discount. Default value: fixed_amount. Valid values:
  • fixed_amount: Applies amount as a unit of the store's currency. For example, if amount is 30 and the store's currency is USD, then 30 USD is deducted from the order total when the discount is applied.
  • percentage: Applies a discount of amount as a percentage of the order total.
  • shipping: Applies a free shipping discount on orders that have a shipping rate less than or equal to amount. For example, if amount is 30, then the discount will give the customer free shipping for any shipping rate that is less than or equal to $30.
Processing Method Dimension How the payment was processed
Source Name Dimension Where the order originated
Fulfillment Status Dimension The order's status in terms of fulfilled line items
Line Items Dimension A list of line item objects, each containing information about an item in the order
Fulfillments Dimension A list of fulfillments associated with the order
Refunds Dimension A list of refunds applied to the order
Client Details User Agent Dimension Details of the browsing client, including software and operating versions
Customer Default Address City Dimension The customer's default city
Customer Default Address Country Code Dimension The customer's default country code
Customer Default Address Zip Dimension The customer's default zip code
Customer Default Address Providence Dimension The customer's default providence or state
Customer Default Address Providence Code Dimension The customer's default provide or state code
Customer Default Address Country Dimension The customer's default country
Customer ID Dimension The customer's ID
Customer Total Spent Number The total amount spent by the customer
Customer State Dimension If the customers is invited, enabled or disabled
Insert Date Timestamp ChannelMix Field: when the row was inserted into the dataset
ChannelMix Profile Dimension ChannelMix Field: the ChannelMix Profile associated to the data
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