Google Ads Conversion Column Restrictions

Google has enforced new conversion column restrictions on their Google Ads API. Essentially, we are no longer able to pull combinations of the dimensions and metrics listed below.

Dimension columns:

  • ConversionAdjustment
  • ConversionAdjustmentLagBucket
  • ConversionAttributionEventType
  • ConversionCategoryName
  • ConversionLagBucket
  • ConversionTrackerId
  • ConversionTypeName

Metrics columns:

  • AllConversionRate
  • ConversionRate
  • CostPerAllConversion
  • CostPerConversion
  • CostPerCurrentModelAttributedConversion

Were you impacted? Possibly. The majority of the impact was to our v_google_ads_ad_performance_conversion dataset where we were requesting ConversionCategoryName, ConversionTypeName and CostPerConversion.

What was done to resolve the issue? We made the decision to exclude CostPerConversion in order to continue pulling ConversionCategoryName, ConversionTypeName in the v_google_ads_ad_performance_conversion dataset. We didn’t adjust any datasets, so moving forward the CostPerConversion field will be blank.

Do I need to take any immediate action? If you have reporting built that utilizes the CostPerConversion or any of the other metrics above coming from the v_google_ads_ad_performance_conversion dataset, then you can adjust by either creating the calculation or reaching out to us through a ticket, so that we can create a new dataset for you.

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