Notification | Facebook Ads Discrepancies Through the API

The Facebook Ads API is currently delivering data that does not match Facebook Ads user interface (UI). 
The API is currently only able to pull “partial” data(opted-in iOS 14 users and android users). The UI, on the other-hand, is applying a statistical model that estimates the total number of users the converted a pixel conversion. This model includes iOS14 users that have opted-out that the API is not capable of capturing at this time. 
Facebook is working on addressing Apple’s iOS 14 advertising changes, but has not yet announced an ETA for a solution.Please see Facebook’s articles for additional information: 
Information is also available in our Alight Analytics blog:
Apple Enforces New Opt-In Privacy Rules With the Launch of iOS 14.5
We are continuing to monitor this situation daily and will provide updates when available.
NOTE: Due to the process described above, the conversion numbers in legacy datasets might not match the data that you see in the Facebook user interface.  If you are seeing this type of discrepancy in your Facebook Ads dataset, you can submit a ticket to our Data Support team to update your dataset so that the statistical model applied in the Facebook user interface is also applied to the data that we receive from the API.  All Facebook conversion datasets that were activated from August 2021 forward will automatically have the statistical model applied to the conversion numbers.  If your dataset was activated on or after August 1, 2021 and you are still seeing a discrepancy, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to look into it for you.  
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