Teads | Standard Creative Dataset

Below are the fields Alight Analytics considers standard for Teads | Standard Creative Dataset. The last 7 days of data are pulled each day. This is an activate-able dataset through ChannelMix Control Center.

Pro Tip: If needing greater than 30 days of data refresh, please let the Product Support team know and they can adjust the refresh window to your preference.

Field Name Type Description
Report Date DATE Report Date
Advertiser Name STRING The Advertiser Name
Advertiser Id INT The Advertiser Id
Campaign Name STRING The Campaign Name
Campaign Id INT The Campaign Id
Line Item Name STRING The Line Item Name
Line Item Id INT The Line Item Id
Creative Name STRING The Creative Name
Creative Id INT The Creative Id
Creative Family STRING Creative family (Video, Viewable Display, etc)
Creative Type STRING Creative type (Carousel, Scroller, etc)
Device STRING Device of the user viewing the ad
Country Code STRING Country code of the user
Country Name STRING Country name of the user
Creative Portfolio Item STRING Commercial name of the creative type
Budget Spent FLOAT The number of Budget Spent
Total Ad Cost FLOAT The number of Total Ad Cost
Impressions FLOAT The number of Impressions
Clicks FLOAT The number of Clicks
Video Starts FLOAT The number of Video Starts
Video First Quartile FLOAT The number of Video First Quartile
Video Midpoint FLOAT The number of Video Midpoint
Video Third Quartile FLOAT The number of Video Third Quartile
Video Completes FLOAT The number of Video Completes
Video Completion Rate FLOAT Video Completion Rate
Clickthrough Rate FLOAT Clickthrough Rate
Insert Date TIMESTAMP ChannelMix Field - When the row was inserted into ChannelMix
Channelmix Profile STRING ChannelMix Field - The descriptive name assigned to this data segment
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