Placing a Key in Your Media Source

Let’s learn how to copy a Key Value out of ChannelMix Keys and place it in your media source. 

To start, you will want to go to your ChannelMix login screen and then sign in with your username and password. Once you’re in, click on the Keys option on the left side of the ChannelMix Control Center. This will allow you to view your Campaign. 

By clicking on your Campaign’s "Copy Key" button, you will see further details about what Subcampaigns are configured underneath that Campaign as well as the Sources that are tied to each Subcampaign.

For example, if you’re running the campaign on Google Ads, you would see that the Key field for this source has been set to "Campaign." This means that when you copy this Key Value, you should place it in the Campaign field within Google Ads.  

You can copy the Key Value by clicking the row, and it will be added to your clipboard. Then you can go over to your media platform (in this case Google Ads) and update the Campaign name field to include the Key Value.

And now you know how to add a ChannelMix Key Value to your source fields!


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