Granting Users Access to ChannelMix Keys

Do you want to give permission to users to access ChannelMix Keys? We got you!

To start, go to and sign in with your username and password. Once you have logged in, click on the User Admin dropdown menu on the upper right corner of your access portal. From the dropdown menu, select the User option.

If you are creating a new user, click on the Create New User button on the right side of the portal. Provide an email address, first name, last name and phone number then click create. 

From there, choose a role that includes Keys, depending on how much access you want the user to have, from the dropdown menu. Then assign the User to the client that you want them to have access to, and click create.

By choosing that role, the configuration for ChannelMix Control Center will be preset and will give that User access to both Keys and Key Admin. (Please note that they will not have access to anything in Corona.)

If you need to update permissions for an existing User to have access to Keys, search for their name in the search bar on the left side of the portal. Once you have selected who you want to have access, you can assign them a Keys role and a client and then click create. 

If the user already has a preexisting assigned role, you can delete that and add a new role. Or, if you have permission, you can adjust the individual settings to remove or add a level of permission. 

And that’s all you have to do! 

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