Increasing Data Speed and Processing

Reducing Query Size

The best way to speed up your queries in ChannelMix is to reduce nonessential data from your dataset and/or queries.  Here are some ideas:

  • If you have daily data and are building a monthly dashboard then create an extract that aggregates your dataset up to the month.  That would reduce your data by about 30x.
  • If you have fields that you are not using, create an extract that doesn't select them.  You can do this in Tableau by hiding the fields.
  • If you only need the past two years of data, setup a filter on your dataset so that only the last two years are utilized.

Deleting Datasets

Deleting unused datasets from your ChannelMix instance will not increase speeds of other datasets.  However, if you were to reduce the size of the dataset you are querying (i.e. remove everything but the most recent two years) then you would see an increase in speed.

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