User Permission in ChannelMix Data

Can my user have read/write permission in my ChannelMix instance?

Basic access to data within Amazon Redshift is read-only. Manipulation of the data can be performed within your business intelligence tool. If you need to add or remove fields, or include any business rules to the data, etc, a ticket will need to be opened with Alight’s Data Solutions team.

You do have the option of utilizing other database/warehouse options to query and write to, which does come with an overhaul of your data infrastructure and could result in additional fees. If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Client Solutions Manager.

What can't I access some of the datasets I see when connected in Tableau?

ChannelMix reporting users are provided read access to any dataset that is preceded with a "v_."  Any tables that you can see that have a name preceded with "base_" are used to populate all the "v_" datasets so you do have access to all the data but not directly to the tables.  This permission exists to protect the structure and integrity of ChannelMix since there are often multiple users accessing the data.

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