ChannelMix Control Center versus ChannelMix Help Center

ChannelMix - you can find YouTube videos with ChannelMix tutorials here. There are 7 videos available that for different types of tasks that you will likely be doing in the control center; they're a great tool to utilize!



  • This is where you can see a breakdown of:
    • Storage used, number of clients, number of connections, most used connections, client users 


  • Connect
    • This is where you can plug in credentials and connect clients data
  • Connections - Clients - Profiles
    • Connection - main data connection for the client, any accounts associated could be created as profiles
    • Profile - brands within each client
  • Lost connection?
    • You will receive a ticket asking to reconnect and re-enter credentials

File Upload

  • For any files that aren't automated
  • If you need a new file destination, submit a ticket


  • Screenshot of everything in your database
  • Can view by clients, profiles, or datasets 


  • No need really at this time


Side Notes:

  • All connections are in alphabetical order unless already connected, then those come first and are based on the number of connection
  • When connecting, we do not get access to your credentials via Oauth Flow, which is a token that authorizes access to data
  • Dataset Activation
    • Starts with 30 days, but you can request more by going into your Library
      • Will depend but won't take more than a few hours at most
    • You can choose dates
    • Activate data set with current fields and then you can request others via ticket
    • Will receive an email from DS on duty saying they received ticket and ETA due date
  • DataSet Refresh
  • When you click to refresh, it will say how far back you can pull data
    • If you need more, you can submit a ticket

ChannelMix Help Center - this is where you submit any data related requests


Ticket Subject:

  • Client Name (You) | Subject Request | Client Name (if applicable)
    • Client
    • Profile
    • Date Range
    • Need to know:
  • You can CC your CSS on any tickets you submit
  • Track?
    • You will see any requests you have made or are CC'd on
    • If we have all the requirements, we should have the due date
      • Rule of thumb is 7 business days to be solved. This may not be the case if we are waiting for more information
    • Click your name on the top right corner
    • "My Activities"


Last off, as an FYI, the biggest confusion is usually when to use email vs submitting a ticket:


  • Anything that has to do with data
  • Missing, configuring, new, etc.


  • Anything general account related
  • Questions about Scope, set up meetings, etc


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Client Solutions Specialist!

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