Data Explained: Google Analytics 101


So you'd like to to pull your website data into your ChannelMix Data Warehouse?  Makes sense!  Google Analytics is one of the most utilized connections across all ChannelMix users.  Here are some things that are good to know about how it works.

Google Analytics data is pulled into ChannelMix at the View level.  Any filters that you have applied to that view will also be applied when your data arrives in ChannelMix.

How Many Fields Can I Get?

  • Seven dimensions
  • Unlimited compatible measures
  • You don't need to count date as a dimension
  • Source and Medium will be only count as one because they are pulled together

To test the fields that are compatible together, checkout the Google Analytics Field Explorer.

To test the fields AND see a sample of the data that is going to be returned by Google Analytics, you can use the Google Analytics Query Explorer.  <- this is probably them most useful tool to utilize when building a custom dataset from Google Analytics! 


Are you worried about data sampling?  Don't be.  ChannelMix extracts your data from Google Analytics every day and therefore the chance of being sampled is very small (unless you have a TON of website traffic).

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