Bing | Ad Group Standard Dataset

Below are the measures and dimensions Alight Analytics considers standard for Bing - Ad Group dataset. There is a one day lag on Bing and data is pulled for the previous 31 days. 

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Name Type Description
Report Date Date The date the activity occurred.
Account Dimension The account name
Account Number Dimension The Bing Ads assigned number of an account.
Account ID Dimension The Bing Ads assigned identifier of an account.
Campaign Dimension The campaign name
Campaign ID Dimension The ID of the campaign.
Ad Group Dimension The ad group name
Ad Group ID Dimension The ID of the ad group.
Device Dimension The device type.
Network Dimension The network type.
Impressions Whole Number The number of times an ad has been displayed on search results pages. Without impressions, there are no clicks or conversions.
Clicks Whole Number The number of times that the ads in the account were clicked
Conversions Whole Number The number of action completions by a customer after viewing your ad.
Average Position Decimal Fraction The average position of the ad on a webpage
Cost Currency The cost per click (CPC) summed for each click.
Insert Date Dimension Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table
ChannelMix Profile Dimension When needed, distinguishes between Bing accounts – Contents defined by Alight.
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