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Below are the fields ChannelMix considers standard for Google Analytics - Geography dataset. There is a one day lag on Google Analytics and data is pulled for the previous three days, after which Google guarantees the data to be unchanged.


Field Name Type Description
Report Date Date The date the activity occurred.
Device Category Dimension Desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet
Country Dimension User’s country derived from the IP address of the hit.
Region Dimension User’s region (or state) derived from the IP address of the hit.
Metro Dimension User’s metropolitan area derived from the IP address of the hit.
City Dimension User’s city derived from the IP address of the hit.
Latitude Decimal Fraction User’s latitude derived from the IP address of the hit.
Longitude Decimal Fraction User’s longitude derived from the IP address of the hit.
Sessions Whole Number The number of times visitors are actively engaged on your website. 
Session Duration Whole Number The total length in seconds of visitors' sessions for the reporting period
Bounces Whole Number A Bounce represents a Visit with only one Pageview.
Users Whole Number The number of visitors with at least one session on your website
Pageviews Whole Number Pageviews measure traffic volume over time at the page-level
Goal Completions (1 - 10) – Reported individually Whole Number The total number of visitors who have completed all elements defined for this particular goal.
Goal Completions (11 - 20) – Reported individually. Whole Number Please indicate if your site uses goals 11-20

Insert Date


When the record was inserted into ChannelMix

ChannelMix Profile


A segment of a ChannelMix Client's data. For Google Analytics (UA) the profile is associated to a Google Analytics View (may include segments and/or filters applied as well)


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