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Need help determining why you aren't seeing any GA views associated with the GA property you were expecting? You're in the right place!

First, please take a moment to review the Google Analytics setup and double check that you're accessing the correct account/property/view combination. If you've confirmed you're accessing the correct combination, let's take it a step further.

Next, please confirm that the user's credentials used for creating the connection you're using are the same credentials you're using to access the Google Analytics UI where you confirmed you have access to the correct combination of account/property/view. More than likely, this is where the issue lies.

If the credentials are different, then you have two options.

Option 1: Create a new connection with the user credentials that have the appropriate permissions to allow you to see the missing views.

Option 2: Update the user, via Google Analytics, that does not have the appropriate permissions, so that they can access the needed views. Click HERE to view an article on how to edit a user's permissions. Once the user permissions have been updated, navigate back to the connection and navigate through the connection flow again. If the view is still not showing up, please try to reconnect the connection. If that still does not work, please proceed with submitting a ticket to our team letting us know that you've consulted this article and you're still encountering issues.


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