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Below are the fields ChannelMix considers standard for Google Analytics - Technology dataset. There is a one day lag on Google Analytics and data is pulled for the previous three days, after which Google guarantees the data to be unchanged.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Name Type Description
Report Date Date The date the activity occurred.
Device Category Dimension Desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet
Operating System Dimension Window, iOS
Browser Dimension Chrome, IE, Mozilla FireFox
Medium Dimension How the user got to your website. Example: Organic, referral, social, etc.
Source Dimension Name of the website that referred your website
Hostname Dimension The full domain name of the page requested.
User Type Dimension New user or returning user
Sessions Whole Number The number of times visitors are actively engaged on your website. 
Bounces Whole Number A Bounce represents a Visit with only one Pageview.
Pageviews Whole Number Pageviews measure traffic volume overtime at the page-level
Session Duration Whole Number The total length in seconds of visitors' sessions for the reporting period

Insert Date


When the record was inserted into ChannelMix

ChannelMix Profile


A segment of a ChannelMix Client's data. For Google Analytics (UA) the profile is associated to a Google Analytics View (may include segments and/or filters applied as well)

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