Instagram | Media Standard Dataset

August 2022 Update: Now includes Instagram Reels data!

Below are the measures and dimensions ChannelMix considers standard for Instagram - Media dataset. The Instagram Business API only reports organic interaction metrics; interactions on ads containing a media object are not counted. There is a zero-day lag for Instagram data. Lifetime data is pulled each time.

This dataset requires an Instagram for Business connection.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Name
Type Description
Report Date Date The date the activity occurred.
ID Dimension ID of Instagram Post.
Media Type Dimension Video, Image, etc.
Media Product Type Dimension Surface where the media is published. Can be AD, FEED, IGTV, or STORY.
Caption Dimension The description posted.
Username Dimension The username of the Instagram account.
Comment Count Whole Number Count of comments (Reels included).
Like Count Whole Number Count of likes (Reels included).
Link Dimension The link created for the post.
Engagement Whole Number Sum of likes, comment count, and saved counts on the IG Media (Reels included).
Impressions Whole Number

The total number of times the IG Media object has been seen (Reels NOT included).

Reach Whole Number

The total number of unique Instagram accounts that have seen the IG Media object (Reels included).

Saved Whole Number The total number of unique Instagram accounts that have saved the IG Media object (Reels included).
Video Views Whole Number The total number of times the video has been seen. Returns 0 for videos in an album IG Media object (Reels NOT included).
Reels Plays Whole Number Number of times the reels starts to play after an impression is already counted. This is defined as video sessions with 1 ms or more of playback and excludes replays.
Reels Shares Whole Number Number of shares of the reel.
Reels Total Interactions Whole Number Number of likes, saves, comments, and shares on the reel, minus the number of unlikes, unsaves, and deleted comments.
Media Id Dimension The ID of the Instagram media.
Insert Date Dimension Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table
ChannelMix Profile Dimension When needed, distinguishes between Instagram accounts – Contents defined by Alight.
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