Twitter | Post Activity Standard Dataset

Below are the measures and dimensions Alight Analytics considers standard for Twitter - Post Activity dataset. There is a zero day lag for Twitter and data is pulled for the previous seven days.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Name
Type Description
Report Date Date The date the activity occurred.
Action Type Dimension The type of action
ID Dimension The ID of the tweet.
Text Dimension The post text
Actions Whole Number Always 1 (Used to count the number of Actions defined by Action Type.)
Favorite Count Whole Number The number of favorites.
Retweeted True/False Indicates if the post is original or a retweet
Retweet Count Whole Number The number of retweets.
Insert Date Dimension Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table
ChannelMix Profile Dimension When needed, distinguishes between Twitter accounts – Contents defined by Alight.


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