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In order for Alight Analytics to pull data from your Google Campaign Manager (GCM) account, we will first need you to connect within the Connect page of ChannelMix Control Center.

When you associate your ChannelMix profile to a connection you've created, you will then need to chose at least the GCM Profile you want to have data pulled from. You will then have the option to select an Advertiser to more specifically limit the data that we pull from the GCM Profile. In most cases, you should select the Advertiser as well. If you do not want to pick an Advertiser, then after you select the Profile, click Ok and Save (or Save and Activate Dataset). If you need to have multiple Advertisers, but not all Advertisers, then we can provide you the report_id of the report that was create, so that additional advertisers can be added.

Note: If you have an older GCM connection, you will need to reconnect it before the advertisers will become available to select.

The following standard datasets are now activatable within ChannelMix Control Center.

If you need additional fields added or would like to create a more custom dataset, you can reference the Standard Report Dimensions and Standard Report Metrics sections, so you can provide us with the fields you would like to have. Activatable datasets are only compatible with standard report time at this time. Floodlight and Reach reports are in-progress.

Note: If any of your current datasets are utilizing the report ID setup process, those will be unaffected by this new setup process. If you would like to transition over to the new setup, so that you can have activatable dataset using what you may have current dubbed as your "standard", you can submit a ticket to our Product Support team for getting that transitioned.

Report ID Setup Process (Applicable for Floodlight and Reach Report Types in GCM)

Please refer to this article that explains how to obtain a Report ID within Google Campaign Manager. Once you have setup your report, you will need to provide us the report ID.

A few things to note here:

  • Any changes to the report in Google Campaign Manager will break our connection.
    • If you decide later to change the report, we just ask that you let us know so that we can alter the call set up.
  • Make sure your reports are not filtering out data you may need.
  • The report needs to be returning a CSV.
  • Make sure the date selection at the top of the report is set to "custom".
    • Google will have you specify a date range after changing it, but you can pick any dates. Our call will automatically set the desired date range so long as it is set to "custom".
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