Google Analytics | How to Connect

In order for ChannelMix to have access to your Google Analytics View (UA) or Property (GA4) data, you will first need to ensure that you're Google Account has access in the user interface. You're Google Analytics account needs at least "Viewer" level permission on the asset on which you wish to pull data. "Viewer" is currently the lowest level of permission in Google Analytics so if you can see the View or Property in the user interface then you should be good to go!

Next, please follow the prompts after clicking on Google Analytics on the Connect page of ChannelMix Control Center. A general explaination of connecting sources can be found in this Help Desk article: Connecting Data Sources

ChannelMix data engineers have built many out-of-the-box data models that can be used to analyze and vizualize your Google Analtyics data. Details about these datasets can be found in the Help Center director listed below:

ChannelMix > Standard Datasets > Web Analytics

Customizing your own Google Analytics datasets is also an options. Check out the Google Analytics | ChannelMix Connection 101 article for more information about the limits and best practices when building a custom dataset to learn more.

And as always, if you have questions feel free to submit a ticket so our great data support team can help you out!

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