Instagram Business | How to Connect

In order for Alight Analytics to have access to your Instagram Business account, please connect within the Connect page of ChannelMix Control Center.

You'll want to click on the Instagram for Business app on the connect page. This will direct you to your Facebook account, as that is how the API is setup on our end. 

The Instagram Business account will have to be linked to the Facebook Business Manager account and the user who is authorizing the connection will need to have access to that Facebook Business Manager account. 

In some cases, you may have the Facebook Business Manager account connected to your personal Facebook account. Don't fret, Alight Analytics won't pull any personal information unless you associate a profile to your personal account.  

Be prepared to provide the report type and any sample reports or desired fields. 

If the desired Instagram account is not showing up after connecting, please use the instructions here to confirm that the account is properly set up as a Business account.

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