Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Data Connection

Connecting your Salesforce Marketing Cloud to ChannelMix uses a secure authentication that requires your Salesforce username and password.  Connecting can be setup in the ChannelMix Control Center.

The Data Details

There are many data set options using Salesforce data.  Our recommendation is that you determine the type of questions you are trying to answer about your campaigns, organizations, and customers and then work with your data strategist to configure the data sets that will be right for you.  Here are a couple examples of reports that have been requested by ChannelMix users:

Account Report

Represents an individual account, which is an organization or person involved with your business (such as customers, competitors, and partners).

Campaign Report

Represents and tracks a marketing campaign, such as a direct mail promotion, webinar, or trade show.

Opportunity Report

Represents an opportunity, which is a sale or pending deal.

User Report

Represents a user in your organization.

Custom Reports

Custom fields and custom reports that are built within the platform can also be automated into ChannelMix.

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