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ChannelMix's integration with your Sizmek data will work by pulling information from a custom report that you build in the Sizmek Report Builder user interface and send to an FTP folder (which is set up by the Alight Data Solutions team).  Below is a rundown of things to consider when building your Sizmek report(s) and what you'll need to submit in your ticket to alight to get the folders set up. 

Understanding the Datasets and Report Types

There are 2 types of reports that we typically set up, a standard report, which will have the dimensions you need for your reporting along with all of your standard metrics (impressions, clicks, spend, total conversions, etc).  And a conversions report, which will have all of the same dimensions as your standard report, but will include "Conversion Tag Name (in rows)" as a dimension as well, adding this will return a row for each conversion tag at the level of granularity you set in the report (screenshot below). 


You'll also need to remove any non-conversion related metrics from the conversion report (impressions, clicks, spend, etc) as Sizmek does not report these at the conversion tag level of granularity. 

These reports will be loaded into different datasets, but they can be used together in your BI tool by blending on all of the dimensions in the datasets (which is why it is important that these are consistent between the 2 reports).  

If you have any questions on why we set up 2 different types of reports leave a comment below or to reach out to your Client Solutions Rep at Alight.  It's important to know what type of setup you'll need in order to give the Data Solutions team the appropriate information to complete your setup.

Sending Reports to an SFTP

Before the Sizmek report(s) can be delivered to the FTP folder you will need to submit a ticket to the Alight Data Solutions team to set up the appropriate folder structure and return the credentials to that folder.  Below are the things that the Data Solutions team will need in order to set up the folders for you: 

  • Client Name - The Client that the report will be set up for
  • Channelmix Profile - The Channelmix Profile for the listed client
  • Type of Report(s) - Do you only need the standard report, or do you need a standard and conversion report? 
  • A sample of the report(s) 

Once Alight has the information required to set up the FTP folders, they will send you credentials for the specific file path that you will use later to automate the Sizmek reports. 

Configuring Your Sizmek Report

Below are the instructions to follow when setting up new reports in the Sizmek MDX platform: 

  •  Log into Sizmek and navigate to the "Analytics "Classic"" interfaceSizmek_Analytics_Classic.PNG
  • Select the "Report Builder" from the left hand navigation


  • Configure your report settings


* The configuration in the screenshot above is the Alight recommendation, if there are any questions feel free to include those in your ticket. 

- Advertiser: The specific advertiser for the report, selecting all could result in very large files that could cause issues when delivering 

- Campaign: We recommend that you select all campaigns and filter out anything you don't need using your BI tool

- Report Format:  Selecting CSV and Zipping the report will ensure that the format remains consistent

- Date Resolution: Selecting Days will ensure we are getting daily data

- Date Range and Last X Days: This will allow for you to pull a rolling X number of days, which will account for any data fluctuations over time

- Conversion Attribution Settings - If an advertiser has multiple conversion windows set up you can select them from this dropdown

  • Select the desired Dimension/Metrics for your report


  • Navigate to the "Delivery Options" section and select the "External FTP" option, then enter the credentials that the Data Solutions team passed to you in the ticket you submitted


  • Lastly, you'll need to set up the automation schedule for the report to be delivered to the FTP


* Daily is the Alight recommendation for the report delivery cadence.  Sizmek requires that you enter an email as well as the FTP information, you can have it sent to the email tied to the Sizmek account.  Keep in mind that this will generate an email everyday with the Sizmek report.  

  • Don't forget to save the report you created or save your changes if you are changing a report. 


  • Once you save, the report is set up and ready to go, you can let Alight know in the original ticket you created that the new report has been set up to deliver and the Data Solutions team can complete the work to load the daily files. 



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