Apple Search Ads | How to Connect

In order to configure Apple Search Ads ChannelMix requires two certificate files; one with the extension ".pem" and one with the extension ".key". Below are the instructions on how to create these certificate files:

Step 1: Login to Apple Search Ads


Step 2: Click the "Settings" link of the account that corresponds with the data source you are attempting to add.   

The accounts selector is at the top right of the Apple Search Ads Dashboard.


Step 3. Click on the "API" tab from the selected account's settings page. 

Step 4. Click the "Create API Certificate" button to configure the new certificate.

Step 5. Create a name for the new certificate (this example uses "API Access for SearchAdsHQ" - your certificate name should correspond with the data connection being established.) 

Step 6. Select the "Limited Access" button, choose the appropriate Account(s) or Campaign Group(s) and grant "Group Manager" privileges.

The Group Manager role allows access to campaign metadata and should always be the type of access granted.

Step 7. Click the "Create" button.

Step 8. Select the new certificate you created from those available and click "Download certificate" in the "Actions" menu.

Step 9. Locate the "" archive in your "Downloads" folder and forward it to us. Please do not unpack the archive, send it as is. We will setup the connection in ChannelMix using this file.

Step 10. Find the Apple Search Ads ticket in and add this file and the Account ID of the Apple Search account you are wanting to configure.





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