Google Ads | Ad Performance Conversion Standard Dataset

Below are the measures and dimensions Alight Analytics considers standard for Google Ads - Ad Performance Conversion dataset. There is a one day lag on Google Ads and data is pulled for the previous 31 days.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Name

Type Description
Report Date Date The date the activity occurred.
Account Dimension The descriptive name of the Customer account.
Customer ID Dimension The Customer ID.
Campaign ID Dimension The ID of the campaign.
Campaign Dimension The Campaign name.
Campaign Status Dimension The Campaign status.
Ad Group ID Dimension The ID of the Ad Group.
Ad Group Dimension The Ad Group name.
Ad Group Status Dimension Status of the ad group.
Ad ID Whole Number The ID of the AdGroup
Ad Type Dimension The type of the ad.
Status Dimension The status of the AdGroup
Network Dimension The network type.
Description Dimension Description of the Ad
Description 1 Dimension Line 1 description of the Ad
Description 2 Dimension Lne 2 description of the Ad
Display URL Dimension Display URL of the Ad
Device Dimension Device type where the impression was shown
Headline Dimension The Ad headline for a TextAd
Headline Part 1 Dimension First part of the headline
Headline Part 2 Dimension Second Part of the headline
Image Ad URL Dimension Prefix this value with "" to get the full URL.
Creative Final URLS Dimension The URLS of the page on your website that people reach when they click your ad
Conversion Category Name Dimension The category that describes the action the user will take to complete a conversion.
Conversion Type Name Dimension The name of the conversion type
External Conversion Source Dimension The source of conversion such as website, import from calls
Conversions Whole Number The number of conversions for all conversion actions that you have opted into optimization.
Conversions Value Decimal Fraction The sum of conversion values for all conversions.
Cost Per Conversion Decimal Fraction The cost attributable to conversion-tracked clicks divided by the number of conversions values
Cross Device Conversions Whole Number Conversions from when a customer clicks on an AdWords ad on one device, then converts on a different device or browser.
View Through Conversions Float The total number of view-through conversions. These happen when a customer sees an image or rich media ad, then later completes a conversion on your site without interacting with (e.g. clicking on) another ad.
Insert Date DateTime Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table
ChannelMix Profile Dimension When needed, distinguishes between Google Ads accounts – Contents defined by Alight.
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