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In order for Alight Analytics to have access to your HubSpot account, you'll need to connect in the Connect Page of ChannelMix Control Center.


Once the connection is authorized you will need to provide the 'portal_id' for the newly created connection. The 'portal_id' value will need to be manually entered once the profile has been associated with the connection.

Need help finding the portal ID? Upon logging into HubSpot, your Hub ID/portal ID will be available on the top right of your screen. The Hub ID/portal ID is located under the email address associated with the account. 

Do you have additional Contact Properties not included in Alight's HubSpot | Contact Standard Dataset? You can request these custom fields be pulled, however, you will need to provide the proper field names. You can follow the steps below to find the required field names. (NOTE: The field names you see in the Hubspot UI are NOT always the same as the field names that Alight needs to have in order to pull these from the API. The instructions below will help to find the appropriate field names.)

  1. Once logged into the Hubspot UI go to your Settings by clicking the gear at the top right of the screen.
  2. On the left-hand navigation, select Properties.
  3. Find/Search for the property that you want added to your dataset and click into that property. You can click on the property name, itself or you can click the Edit button for that property.
  4. This will prompt a modal to appear on the right. Click the "code" (</>) icon in the modal.mceclip1.png
  5. This will reveal the Internal Name for the field. This is what should be provided to Alight.mceclip2.png
  6. Repeat steps 3-6 until you have satisfied all of the properties you wish to have included in your dataset. 
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