Data Explained: Facebook Boosted Posts


Where are my boosted posts in ChannelMix? 

Data Explained

Boosted PostWhen you create posts on your Facebook Page, sometimes you'll see a blue Boost Post button appear after you publish the post. The Boost Post button allows you to quickly create a Facebook ad using your post. (From Facebook Business:

Since boosted posts are considered ads, you can find your boosted post data in the Facebook Ads data sets in ChannelMix Control Center. 

Some fields in Facebook Social data sets also include boosted post data. For example, when looking at Page/Post data, the fields page_impressions and post_impressions include both paid and organic data. And, page_impressions_paid and post_impressions_paid can be added to your data sets to see the number of times any content from your Page/Post entered a person's screen through paid distribution, such as an ad or boosted post.




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