Bing | Ad Performance Standard Dataset

Below are the measures and dimensions Alight Analytics considers standard for the Bing - Ad Performance dataset. There is a one day lag on Bing data because the API does not make this data available until the next day. Data is then pulled for the previous 31 days to make sure to capture any restated data as well as standard conversion windows.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Name Field Type Description
Report Date Date The time period of each report row. 
Account Dimension The account name.
Account Number Dimension The Bing Ads assigned number of an account.
Account ID Whole Number The Bing ads identifier of an account.
Ad Description Dimension The first ad description that appears below the path in your ad.
Ad Group ID Whole Number The Bing Ads assigned identifier of an ad group.
Ad Group Dimension The ad group name
Ad ID Whole Number The Bing Ads assigned identifier of an ad.
Ad Title Dimension The ad title.
Ad Type Dimension The ad type.
Average Position Double Precision The average position of the ad on a webpage.
Campaign ID Whole Number The Bing Ads assigned identifier of a campaign.
Campaign Dimension The campaign name.
Clicks Whole Number The number of clicks.
Conversions Whole Number The number of conversions.
Device Dimension The device name attribute of a device OS target bid. The type of device which showed ads.
Impressions Whole Number The number of times your ad was viewed
Network Dimension The current network setting of an ad group.
Revenue Double Precision

The revenue optionally reported by the advertiser as a result of conversions.

Cost Double Precision The cost per click (CPC) summed for each click.
Title Part 1 Dimension The title part 1 attribute of an ad.
Title Part 2 Dimension The title part 2 attribute of an ad.
Final URL Dimension The Final URL of the ad, keyword, or criterion. Only the first URL in the list is reported. If the URL contains dynamic text substitution parameters (for example, {param1}), the report will contain the URL before substitution.
Ad Description 2 Dimension The second part of the ad description.
Display URL Dimension The ad display URL.
Insert Date Timestamp Internal use: When the row was inserted in the table.
ChannelMix Profile Dimension Helps distinguish between Bing accounts.


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