Instagram Business | Stories Standard Dataset

Below are the measures and dimensions Alight Analytics considers standard for the Instagram Business Stories dataset. Data will be refreshed every four hours to pick up any new posts and update metrics. Instagram Story data is only available for 24 hours.

Field Name Type Description
Report Date Date Date when object was posted
Story Post Time Date Timestamp of when the post was made
Data Pull Time  Date  DateTime when object was pulled from API 
Account ID Whole Number Account ID
Instagram Business Account ID Whole Number Business Account ID
Story Object ID Whole Number Object ID
Caption Dimension Caption
IG ID Whole Number Instagram ID
Is Comment Enabled Boolean Whether or not comments are enable on object
Comments Count Whole Number Total number of comments to the story
Like Count Whole Number Total number of likes to the story
Exits Whole Number Number of times someone exited the story.
Impressions Whole Number Total number of times the media object has been seen.
Reach Whole Number Total number of unique accounts that have seen the media object.
Replies Whole Number Total number of replies to the story.
Taps Forward Whole Number Total number of taps to see this story's next photo or video.
Taps Back Whole Number Total number of taps to see this story's previous photo or video.
Media Type Dimension Video, Image, etc.
Media Product Type Dimension Surface where the media is published. Can be AD, FEED, IGTV, or STORY.
Swipe Up Whole Number Swipe-up enabled
Media Url Dimension Media URL
Permalink Dimension Permalink
Shortcode Dimension Shortcode
Thumbnail Url Dimension Thumbnail URL
Data Source Dimension Instagram Business
Insert Date DateTime Internal use: when the row was inserted into dataset
Channelmix Profile Dimension When needed, distinguishes between Instagram Business Accounts defined by Alight


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