Google Sheets | How to Connect

Connecting a Google Sheet or multiple Google Sheets to ChannelMix is a very easy process. In short, you will need to share your Google Sheet(s) with and provide us the link(s) to the Google Sheet(s).

Below is step by step instructions on how to submit your request via ChannelMix Help Center.

  1. When you are in ChannelMix Help Center, click "Submit a Request".
  2. Select "I'd like to setup or alter a data set"
  3. Fill in the subject line.
  4. Select the priority of your request.
  5. Within the Media Source drop down, select "Google Sheets"
  6. Tell us which ChannelMix Profile we should use.
  7. Paste in the link(s) to the Google Sheet(s) you want us to add.
  8. Double check that you have shared the Google Sheet(s) with, then check the box next to "Report is Shared with ChannelMix".
  9. Add any additional details that you would like us to know, such as:
    1. Any additional mapping required. Write out any logic you desire.
    2. Which sheets should be loaded into ChannelMix, if there are multiple.
  10. Submit your ticket and then a member of our Data Solutions team will review your request and reach out if there are any additional questions.


Please let us know if any further clarification of this process is needed.

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