ChannelMix Email Upload | How to Connect

Below is step by step instructions on how to submit your request through ChannelMix Help Center to have automated emails sent to ChannelMix via ChannelMix Upload.

  1. Information gathering:
    • Determine how the file you're wanting uploaded into ChannelMix will be sent with the email. Options include:
      • Attachment
      • Data in the body of the email
      • Downloadable Link
        • Does the downloadable link URL change each time or does it stay the same?
        • Does the downloadable link require a username and password to access the file?
    • Obtain an example of the file that will be sent.
    • Have a test email sent to
    • Please ensure that multiple files are not sent with an email. Only one file per email.
  2. When you are in ChannelMix Help Center, click "Submit a Request".
  3. Select "I'd like to setup or alter a data set"
    • Fill out ALL fields in the form related to your request
  4. Attach the example file and send a test email to, then check the box next to "Example File Attached".
  5. Add any additional details that you would like us to know, such as:
    • When new files are sent, should the data be appended to the current data, fully replace the current data, or a combination of both?
      • If a combination of both, please let us which fields we should use for properly replacing old data with new data.
    • Will the data being sent be it's own dataset or does it need to be incorporated into another dataset?
    • Include any other details that need to be provided from step 1.
  6. Submit your ticket and then a member of our Data Solutions team will review your request and reach out if there are any additional questions.
  7. Upon completion of the the request, a unique email address will provided to you.


Please let us know if any further clarification of this process is needed.

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