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Below are the fields that Alight Analytics considers standard for the Google Search Ads 360 | Keyword dataset.  This data is scheduled once a day and pulls the past 30 days by default.  Longer refresh windows are available upon request (max 90 days).

Any saved columns SHOULD NOT be included in this dataset but instead be setup in the Google Search Ads 360 | Keyword Conversion dataset.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Data Type Description
Date DATE Date of the conversion
Status STRING Ad Group status
Device Segment STRING Device
Account STRING Engine account name
Account ID BIGINT Search Ads engine account ID
Account Engine ID STRING ID of the account in the external engine account
Account Type STRING Engine account type e.g. Google AdWords, Bing Ads
Advertiser STRING Advertiser name
Advertiser ID BIGINT Search Ads advertiser ID
Campaign STRING Campaign name
Campaign ID BIGINT Search Ads campaign ID
Campaign Status STRING The status of the campaign
Adgroup STRING Ad Group name
Adgroup ID BIGINT Search Ads Ad Group ID
Adgroup Status STRING The status of the Ad Group
Keyword STRING The keyword
Keyword ID BIGINT DS keyword ID. A value of 0 indicates that the keyword is unattributed.
Keyword Match Type STRING Keyword match type: Broad, Exact, Phrase, or Content.
Keyword Engine ID BIGINT The keyword Engine ID
Effective Labels STRING All labels; directly assigned OR inheritted
Keyword Label STRING The labels assigned to the keyword
Effective Bid Strategy STRING The bid strategy; assigned OR inheritted
Keyword Landing Page STRING The final URL that a user would visit after clicking on your ad.
Keyword Max CPC FLOAT Max amount you set for this keyword; overrided Ad Group Max CPC
Keyword Max Bid FLOAT If this keyword is managed by a DS bid strategy, the bid strategy will never raise bids above this limit. 
Keyword Max Bid FLOAT If this keyword is managed by a DS bid strategy, the bid strategy will never lower bids below this limit.
Impressions INTEGER Number of impression
Clicks INTEGER Number of clicks
Cost FLOAT Amount spend
DFA Transactions INTEGER Number of DFA transations
DFA Revenue FLOAT Amount DFA revenue
Adwords Conversions FLOAT Number of AdWords conversions
Adwords Conversion Value FLOAT Amount of AdWords conversion value
Adwords View Through Conversions FLOAT Number of AdWords view through conversions
Insert Date TIMESTAMP The date the record was inserted to ChannelMix
ChannelMix Profile STRING The ChannelMix Profile; specific advertiser and agency
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