Marchex Call Analytics | Call Search Standard Dataset

Below are the fields that Alight Analytics considers standard for the Marchex Call Analytics | Call Search dataset.  This data is scheduled once a day and pulls yesterdays data.

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Field Type Description
a_name STRING  
acct STRING  
answer_offset FLOAT  
ass_user STRING  
assigned_to STRING  
billable_minutes INTEGER  
c_name STRING  
call_duration INTEGER  
call_end TIMESTAMP  
call_id STRING  
call_s TIMESTAMP  
call_start TIMESTAMP  
call_status STRING  
caller_name STRING  
caller_number STRING  
camp_kw STRING  
cmpid STRING  
custom1 STRING  
custom10 STRING  
custom11 STRING  
custom12 STRING  
custom13 STRING  
custom14 STRING  
custom15 STRING  
custom16 STRING  
custom17 STRING  
custom18 STRING  
custom19 STRING  
custom2 STRING  
custom20 STRING  
custom3 STRING  
custom4 STRING  
custom5 STRING  
custom6 STRING  
custom7 STRING  
custom8 STRING  
custom9 STRING  
custom_id STRING  
disposition STRING  
dna_class STRING  
duration STRING  
forwardno STRING  
g_name STRING  
grpid STRING  
inbound_ext STRING  
inboundno STRING  
keyword STRING  
listenedto INTEGER  
note STRING  
numlookup STRING  
numlookup_p INTEGER  
rating STRING  
recorded BOOLEAN  
redacted BOOLEAN  
revenue STRING  
ring_duration FLOAT  
status STRING  
Insert Date TIMESTAMP  
ChannelMix Profile STRING  
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