ChannelMix Keys - Now in Beta!

ChannelMix Keys is now in beta!


ChannelMix Keys serves as a single source of truth for information on campaign budgets, KPIs and other metadata. It's a powerful resource for cross-channel attribution, pacing dashboards and more.

Keys generates a single multi-character tag (or “key”) within ChannelMix that can be attached to ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. That key makes it easy to join data from all those sources together in ChannelMix and create high-impact dashboards in your favorite viz tool. [ Read more in our Keys blog post. ]

Keys is currently in an invitation-only beta, with a planned general release this spring. If you’d like to learn more about ChannelMix Keys, get in touch with your Client Solutions Manager.

We’re excited to share this powerful new resource with you!


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