Data Explained: Semrush 101

Costs associated with the API

The costs associated with pulling Semrush data depend on the endpoint data is pulled from. There are three types of requests made via the Semrush API: lines, calls and keywords. The cost of requests is measured in units, and are determined by the type of report or request. For example, pulling data from the Organic Positions Report from the Projects API costs 100 API units per line. Documentation found here: 

One dollar is equal to approximately 20,000 API units. Delivering historical data requires more units than live data, and takes a Guru plan or higher. 

When estimating costs, it's best to have these conversations with your Semrush representative, and to include a buffer for maintenance, changes to the API, test data pulls, etc., as we cannot guarantee an exact price. 

What we'll need from you

To ensure we're on the same page regarding the data you want pulled, further conversation/a phone call with your Strategist may be necessary; however, to get the conversation going (and to set up a test data pull!) we'll need the following: 

  • Sample file 
  • Project ID
  • URL
  • Date ranges you want the data pulled for 

Once we have the above information, we'll be able to provide further details regarding this data pull, including how often data will be returned. 

For help connecting your Semrush account in ChannelMix, click HERE.

Semrush API documentation: 



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