Tracking | What is ChannelMix Keys?

CHANNELMIX KEYS | A simple but powerful way to manage cross-channel campaigns

Open the door to cross-channel attribution, pacing dashboards and more. All you need is a Key.


An easier way to name campaigns

ChannelMix Keys allows you to create a single tag or “Key” that you can attach to campaigns you create on any platform, online or offline. Say goodbye to long, complicated campaign names that rely on delimiters, complicated vlookups and other workarounds.

A single source of information about cross-channel campaigns

You can also assign the campaign’s goals, budget and other important information to the Key. That information lives inside ChannelMix, where it can be updated and shared by large teams of media buyers. Keys cuts down on miscommunication and mistakes.

The foundation for even more advanced analysis

Your Keys subscription comes with a powerful dashboard intended to show pacing toward budget or other KPIs at the campaign or subcampaign level across a variety of channels. You’ll also get ChannelMix datasets you can use to produce cross-channel attribution, other pacing dashboards and more advanced analysis.


Keys will work best if …

  • You have active campaigns currently running in ChannelMix, tracking 1 to 4 sources.
  • You want to track campaign performance across channels, not just performance per ad.
  • You’re willing to change how you name your campaigns or include a Key in campaign fields on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.


  • Create your Key inside ChannelMix Control Center.
  • Include the Key when setting up campaigns — you can append it to the end of any existing field.
  • Use your Key-powered dataset, created by ChannelMix, to create powerful dashboards and analysis.  

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