Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) | Send Standard Dataset

Below are the measures and dimensions Alight Analytics considers standard for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, previously Exact Target, Send dataset. There is a 2 day lag and data is pulled for the previous 90 days.

Field Field Type Description
Report Date DATE The date the email was sent
Additional VARCHAR Additional ID
Created Date TIMESTAMP Read-only date and time of the email's creation.
Duplicates INTEGER Represent the number of duplicate email addresses associated with a send.
Email Name VARCHAR Specifies the name of an email message associated with a send.
Existing Undeliverables INTEGER  
Existing Unsubscribes INTEGER Indicates whether unsubscriptions occurred on previous send.
Forwarded Emails INTEGER Number of emails forwarded for a send.
From Address VARCHAR Indicates From address associated with a object.
From Name VARCHAR Specifies the default email message From Name.
Hard Bounces INTEGER Indicates number of hard bounces associated with a send.
ID INTEGER Message Delivery ID
Invalid Addresses INTEGER Specifies the number of invalid addresses associated with a send.
Is Always On BOOLEAN Indicates whether the request can be performed while the system is is maintenance mode.
Is Multipart BOOLEAN Indicates whether the email is sent with Multipart/MIME enabled.
Links VARCHAR Contains an array of links included in a send.
Missing Addresses INTEGER Specifies number of missing addresses encountered within a send.
Modified Date TIMESTAMP Indicates the last time the email was modified.
Number Delivered INTEGER Number of sent emails that did not bounce.
Number Errored INTEGER Number of emails not sent as part of a send because an error occurred while trying to build the email.
Number Excluded INTEGER Indicates the number recipients excluded froman email send because of a held, unsubscribed, master unsubscribed, or global unsubscribed status.
Number Sent INTEGER Number of emails actually sent as part of an email send.
Number Targeted INTEGER Indicates the number of possible recipients for an email send.
Objectid VARCHAR  
Other Bounces INTEGER Specifies number of Other-type bounces in a send.
Partner Key VARCHAR  
Partner Properties VARCHAR A collection of metadata supplied by the client and stored by the system.
Preview URL VARCHAR Indicates URL used to preview the message associated with a send.
Send Date TIMESTAMP Indicates the date on which a send occurred.
Sent Date TIMESTAMP Indicates date on which a send took place.
Soft Bounces INTEGER Indicates number of soft bounces associated with a specific send.
Status VARCHAR Defines status of an address.
Subject VARCHAR Contains subject area information for a message.
Unique Clicks INTEGER Indicates number of unique clicks on message.
Unique Opens INTEGER Indicates number of unique opens resulting from a triggered send.
Unsubscribes INTEGER Indicates the number of unsubscribe events associated with a send.
Client ID INTEGER Specifies the account ownership and context of an object.
Email Partner Key INTEGER  
Email Object ID INTEGER  
Email Send Definition Partner Key VARCHAR  
Email Send Definition Customer Key VARCHAR  
Email Send Definition Object ID VARCHAR  
Insert Date TIMESTAMP  
ChannelMix Profile VARCHAR  
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