Campaign Monitor | Click Standard Dataset

Below are the fields Alight Analytics considers standard for the Campaign Monitor | Summary dataset.  By default, this dataset is scheduled to pull the last 7 days of actions based on the date of the click.

The dataset is a summary of all the attributes associated to a specific click.

Field Field Type Description
Report Date None The date of the action
Click Time None The time the click occurred
Campaign Name None The name of the Campaign
Region None The region where the action occurred
City None The city where the action occurred
Country Code None The country code where the action occurred
Country Name None The country name where the action occurred
Email Address None The email address of the recipient
Latitude None The latitude of the recipient
Longitude None The longitude of the recipient
URL None The URL of the email
List Name None The name of the email list
List ID None The ID of the email list
Insert Date TIMESTAMP ChannelMix field - the timestamp when the row was inserted
ChannelMix Profile STRING ChannelMix field - the descriptive name associated to this segment of data
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