Google Display & Video 360 | Configure Report for ChannelMix

ChannelMix's integration with your Google Display & Video 360 data will work by pulling information from a custom report that you build in the Display & Video 360 user interface.  Here is the rundown for building a Display & Video 360 report that will work with your ChannelMix Data Warehouse.

Building Your Report

There are a few configurations that are important in order for ChannelMix to pull your Display & Video 360 report efficiently and accurately.  Here is how you'll need to setup your standard report:

  1. The report name should remain stagnant for each client setup.
    1. For example you might prepend or append "ChannelMix" to the report being used by ChannelMix and then prepend or append "Internal" to the report being used by analysts for other ad hoc reporting.
      1. ChannelMix Example: Client_Name_GeneralReport_ChannelMix OR ChannelMix_Client_Name_GeneralReport
      2. Internal Example: Client_Name_GeneralReport_Internal OR Internal_Client_Name_GeneralReport
    1. If you can create a report just for being pulled into ChannelMix, this would help with eliminating any issues with pulling the reports in the future.
  2. Set the File type to CSV.
  3. Set the Date range selector to custom dates.
    1. Example: start: 9/20/2018 and end: 9/21/2018.
    1. By doing this, it allows us the ability to determine the days that need to be pulled into ChannelMix. You can pick two dates arbitrarily, the API allows ChannelMix to request the date range needed and ignores the values set here.
  4. Set the Advertiser filter to the appropriate advertiser for your client.
  5. Select the desired Dimensions and Metrics you would like to report on.
  6. Click Save to save your work!
  7. Submit a Help Center request that indicates the client this DV360 report is for, the report name and the date the data needs to be back-filled to.
    1. Please make sure you have created a connection within ChannelMix Control Center with the login credentials to the account that the DV360 report was created under.
    2. Please also supply the CSV created in the report creation process.

Additional report setup information can be found here for Display & Video 360.

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