Google Display & Video 360 | Configure Report for ChannelMix

ChannelMix's integration with your Google Display & Video 360 data will work by pulling information from an Offline Report that you build in the Display & Video 360 user interface.  Here is the rundown for building a Display & Video 360 offline report that will work with your ChannelMix Data Warehouse.

Building your Offline Report

There are a few configurations that are important in order for ChannelMix to pull your Display & Video 360 report efficiently and accurately.  Here is how you'll need to setup your standard report.

  • ChannelMix will actually use the Report Name to request data from DV360. So once the name is setup just mak sure that it stays the same. It's a good practice to include the word "ChannelMix" in the report name so that you have a clue that the report is being used by ChannelMix and shouldn't be edited after initial setup. For example:


  • Set the date range of the report to "Custom"
    • Doesn't matter what dates you pick because ChannelMix will dynamically change the report when it's pulled each day. Pick any dates.
  • Set the report template to "Basic"
  • Add a fiter to the report that aligns to the ChannelMix Client. DV360 accounts can be organized in different ways so depending on your account setup the filter may be custom for you. The most common account setup we encounter is that a ChannelMix Client is similar to an Advertiser in DV360. The goal is to isolate an individual client, so configure your report to do that using filters.

Advertiser includes: {advertiser(s) that you want for this ChannelMix Client}


Campaign includes: {campaign(s) that you want for this ChannelMix Client}

  • No attribution model is required
  • No Rich Mdeia is required
  • Currency can be eany setting (please include all currency fields listed in dimension list)
  • Add these fields to the report (DV360 | Standard Dataset Article)
    • Dimensions
      • Date
      • Advertiser
      • Advertiser Id
      • Insertion Order
      • Insertion Order Id
      • Campaign
      • Campaign Id
      • Line Item
      • Line Item Id
      • App Url
      • App Url Id
      • Creative
      • Creative Id
      • Creative Type
      • Device Type
      • Advertiser Currency
      • Partner Currency
    •  Metrics
      • Impressions
      • Billable Impressions
      • Clicks
      • Total Conversions
      • Post Click Conversions
      • Post View Conversions
      • CPM Fee 1 (USD)
      • Media Fee 1 (USD)
      • Client Cost (USD)
      • Starts (Video)
      • Complete Views (Video)
      • Engagements
  • There should not be an active schedule.
  • Set Format to "CSV"
  • Set File Name to the same as the report name which should be the default
  • Click "Save"

Our example report looks like this:


Providing an example of the report (CSV download) will help the ChannelMix Support team ensure you have configured everything to the design above. Please attach an example report to the support ticket if possible.

Lastly, you'll need to make sure you have created a connection within ChannelMix Control Center with the login credentials to the account that the DV360 report was created under.

Additional report setup information can be found here for Display & Video 360.

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