Adobe Analytics | Channel Standard Dataset

Below are the fields that Alight Analytics considers standard for the Adobe Analytics | Channel Standard dataset.  By default, the schedule will pull and update data for the prior three days.

Field Field Type Description
Report Date DATE  The date on which the activity occurred 
Bounces INTEGER A visit that consists of a single server call. For example, a single page visit is a bounce if a visitor does not interact with the page in a way that sends data to Adobe, such as clicking a link or a video start. If more than a single hit is received in a visit, a Bounce is not counted.
Page Views INTEGER A Page View is counted for each server call that is sent. This metric represents total instances of Page View. TrackLink calls are not counted as page views and do not increment the Page Views metric.
Total Time Spent INTEGER Represents the total amount of time visitors interact with a specific dimension item.
Visitors INTEGER The number of unique visitors
Visits INTEGER A sequence of page views in a sitting. The visits metric is commonly used in reports that display the number of user sessions within the selected time period.
First Touch Marketing Channel STRING The marketing channel that first drove the visitor to the website prior to conversion
Last Touch Marketing Channel STRING The marketing channel that last drove the visitor to the website prior to conversion
Report Suite Name STRING The name of the reporting suite
Report Locale STRING The location setting of the reporting suite
Report Suite ID STRING The ID of the reporting suite
Insert Date TIMESTAMP ChannelMix field - the timestamp when the row was inserted
ChannelMix Profile STRING ChannelMix field - the descriptive name associated to this segment of data
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