We just fixed the biggest problem with marketing dashboards

Believe it: You can have advanced dashboards without the pain of constructing them. 

Everybody loves to use marketing dashboards because nothing does a better job translating huge volumes of marketing data into clearly understood insights. 

Unfortunately, though, it can take a lot of time to construct a dashboard that can do that, especially when you’re bringing together data from sources that don’t easily mesh. 

That’s why we’re introducing a new suite of marketing dashboard templates designed for Tableau

If you’re looking for a faster way to deliver advanced dashboards to your clients or stakeholders, with less stress on your team, these new templates are for you. 


One Connection, One Comprehensive View

These ready-to-use templates need just one data connection — to ChannelMix™, our platform for marketing data aggregation and management— to bring together multiple sources in a harmonized view.  

And that means no more data silos. You can see how, say, all your organic social platforms — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram — are doing in a single view, empowering you to quickly assess the performance of the channel as a whole. 

It’s all thanks to Alight’s ChannelMix OneView™ technology, which creates comprehensive, blended datasets for you without sacrificing accuracy. 

Our competitors sell templates, too. But theirs tend to play fast and loose with blending. A lot of times, they’re just adding metrics together with no sense of whether dimensions across sources really mean the same thing.

ChannelMix OneView is different because Alight’s unmatched expertise in marketing data — 12+ years and going strong — is an integral part of the technology. We know that a Facebook “like” and a “scroll up” on Snapchat both contribute to your overall engagement, and so they’re reported together.

Choose the Marketing Dashboard Template That’s Right for You

The new library of marketing dashboard templates includes: 

  • Paid Media: Search, social, digital, display — all in a single unified dashboard
  • Web Analytics: Everything about a site’s performance, including traffic, conversions, engagement and more
  • Paid Search: Performance metrics for all of a user’s search engines
  • Paid Social: All paid campaign results across all social channels
  • Organic Social: Engagement metrics for all social platforms

And that’s just the start. More templates are coming. (Have a template you’d like to see in our suite? Let us know!)   

So if you’re interested in Alight’s marketing dashboard templates, contact our team to schedule a demo. We’ll show you how each template can be used to enhance your reporting and analysis. Or check out the templates on Alight’s Tableau Public gallery! 

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