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The purpose of the Organic Social Dashboard is to summarize fan behavior and post engagement on multiple social channels. This report aggregates data from the following organic (earned) social channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. If you do not have datasets for one or more of these social sources, or a social source has not been added to the OneView, data from that source will not populate in the dashboard. In addition, the source-specific tab in this workbook will appear empty.

This report includes the following data sources:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

This report includes six separate tabs:

  1. Organic Social Dashboard: The organic social dashboard provides a high-level overview of followers, posts, and engagements across social platforms, as well as a summary of posts across these platforms.
  2. Facebook Dashboard: The Facebook dashboard provides more detail on Facebook post engagements, including platform-specific metrics like reactions.
  3. Instagram Dashboard: The Instagram dashboard provides more detail on Instagram post engagements, including platform-specific information like post type and impressions.
  4. LinkedIn Dashboard: The LinkedIn dashboard provides more detail on LinkedIn post engagements.
  5. Twitter Dashboard: The Twitter dashboard provides more detail on tweet engagements.
  6. YouTube Dashboard: The YouTube dashboard provides more detail on YouTube video engagements, including platform-specific information like dislikes and average view percentage.

This report is built on two datasets:

  1. v_oneview_organic_social_followers: This dataset includes a daily count of page fans/followers by platform.
  2. v_oneview_organic_social_posts: This dataset includes organic post-level detail across all social platforms.


Clicking the gear icon next to the will navigate you to the configuration pane, a separate dashboard within the Tableau workbook that can be used to adjust formatting within the report. The configuration pane also includes definitions relevant to the report and a link to login to the ChannelMix Control Center.

Within this pane you can adjust the following:

Metric Comparison by: This dropdown allows you to adjust the trendline to aggregate metrics by day, week, quarter, or month.



Worksheets Rendering Incorrectly

If you are viewing the workbook in Tableau Desktop on a Windows PC you may see titles that are cut off, have ellipses in them (...), or worksheets that aren’t displaying fully (you should not have this problem if you are using a MAC):


To fix this, adjust your scale and layout settings (on your PC, not in Tableau) so that every display is scaled to 100% by going to Start → Settings → System → Display → Scale and Layout:


Once these settings have been adjusted, close and re-open Tableau to view the workbook rendered properly. 

Changing Report Title + Logo

The report title and logo can be customized to match a client’s branding. To edit the title right click the text and select "Edit text…":


Edit the text within the pane that appears and click "OK." To edit the image, right click the ChannelMix logo and click "Choose Image…":


Select the replacement image file and click "OK." Note that depending on the size of your image you may need to adjust the Fit Image, Center Image, and Fix Width settings to ensure a proper fit within the placeholder.

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