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ChannelMix does not currently have an automated integration with Hubspot's Page (Blog) report but we are actively working on creating that dataset. Until that enhancement is completed, data can be uploaded using the File Upload feature in ChannelMix.  This article covers the best way to generate a data friendly file from the Hubspot user interface.

If you'd like to load this Hubspot data into ChannelMix, you'll need to export the following report in the Hubspot user interface and then create a help center request asking for this new Hubspot dataset to be setup. 

Page Report


  • Then click "Reports" and then "Analytics Tools"


• Next select "Traffic Analysis"


  • Select "Pages"
  • Set the date range to whatever you think is needed (usually 1 month is more than enough.
  • Be sure to set the frequency to "Daily".


  • Ensure that the correct Columns have been added to the report. Select "Edit Columns" if not and then check the appropriate columns and select "Save"


  • Click "Export".
    •     For the export options:
      • Provide an email title (this can be whatever you want)
      • Leave the File type set to "XLSX".
      • Enter in your own email address to receive the file.
      • Then Export
    • NOTES:
      • If the export runs quickly enough the UI will provide an option to download from that screen. Otherwise you will have to retrieve it from your email inbox.
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