Tableau | Swapping Datasets

To use the Marketing Dashboard Template for Tableau with your own data, you will need to swap out the datasets for those in your own database.

First, navigate to the data source menu by clicking the icon in the lower-left menu:


Tableau will prompt you to enter the credentials for your database. Once you have entered credentials you will see that the views have a red exclamation point as Tableau cannot find the view required to create these datasets:


Select the appropriate schema from the schema dropdown on the left, and then locate the appropriate v_organic_social_posts_oneview view.


Click "Migrated Data" and "Open"



Click and drag this view from the list of tables until it is over the red view in the data source pane to replace the data source.


Click on the data source dropdown and navigate to the next dataset/OneView (ex. v_organic_social_follower_oneview). Repeat the process above and drag the appropriate view to replace the data source. 


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