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In Google Data Studio, you will need to connect to the data before creating the dashboard*. 'Data Source' in the instances below are what we refer to as 'datasets' within ChannelMix. Follow the steps below to connect your data and create your dashboard.

*It is important to note that Google Data Studio dashboards are associated with the Gmail Account they are set up with. Because of this, these dashboards should be created using a general email or alias (Example: rather than a specific employee's account as access to a dashboard/data source will be lost if the Gmail account associated with it is deleted. 

1. First, navigate to Click ‘Create’ in the upper left corner, then click ‘Data Source.’



2. Next, search for the PostgreSQL connector. This connector enables you to connect to ChannelMix (Amazon Redshift).


3. Click “Authorize” and go through the Oath process to allow Google Data Studio to have access to your Google Account



4. Enter your ChannelMix Credentials and click ‘Authenticate’. 



5. After clicking “authenticate” a list of tables will appear on the right side. Search for the applicable dataset from the list provided (Example: 'channelmix_demo_oneview_paid_search_ad_group'), which can be found in your dashboard link here 



6. Once your dataset has been selected, update the data source name in Google Data Studio by clicking on the name in the upper left corner.



7. Ensure field editing in reports is turned on and click ‘Connect’ in the upper right corner.



NOTE: In some rare instances, Google Data Studio does not recognize field types correctly (i.e. interpreting Report Date as a text/number field rather than a date). If you see that all fields including dates and numbers are all Text/Number fields (see image below), create the data source again by following the steps above.



8. If there is more than one dataset associated with your dashboard, you will follow the steps above for the remaining datasets (Example: 'channelmix_demo_oneview_paid_search_ad_group'_and_conversion, which can be found in your dashboard link here 


Swapping Data Sources in Template

Once you have created the applicable data source(s), open the desired dashboard via the link you were provided via email. 

9. Click the ‘Use a Template’ button in the right-hand corner.


10. Google Data Studio will prompt you to select the data source you would like to use in a copy of this dashboard. Select the data source created above and click ‘Copy Report’.


11. After clicking ‘Copy Report’,  Google Data Studio will open a new dashboard built with the selected data source. Congratulations!

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