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The purpose of the organic social dashboard is to summarize fan behavior and post engagement on multiple social channels using Google Data Studio. This report aggregates data from the following organic (earned) social channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. If your client does not have datasets for one or more of these social sources, or a social source has not been added to a client’s OneViews, data from that source will not populate in the dashboard. In addition, the source-specific tab in this workbook will appear empty.

This report includes the following data sources:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

This report includes six separate tabs:

  1. Organic Social Dashboard: The organic social dashboard provides a high-level overview of followers, posts, and engagements across social platforms, as well as a summary of posts across these platforms.
  2. Facebook Dashboard: The Facebook dashboard provides more detail on Facebook post engagements, including platform-specific metrics like reactions.
  3. Instagram Dashboard: The Instagram dashboard provides more detail on Instagram post engagements, including platform-specific information like post type and impressions.
  4. LinkedIn Dashboard: The LinkedIn dashboard provides more detail on LinkedIn post engagements.
  5. Twitter Dashboard: The Twitter dashboard provides more detail on tweet engagements.
  6. YouTube Dashboard: The YouTube dashboard provides more detail on YouTube video engagements, including platform-specific information like dislikes and average view percentage.

This report is built on two datasets (which you will need to connect to when setting up your dashboard):

  1. CLIENT_NAME*_oneview_organic_social_followers: This dataset includes a daily count of page fans/followers by the platform.
  2. CLIENT_NAME*_oneview_organic_social_posts: This dataset includes organic post-level detail across all social platforms.

*NOTE: "Client_Name" is the name of your client within C3. For example, if you're ABC Agency and setting up this dashboard for John Doe Company, the first dataset above would be named "John_Doe_Company_oneview_organic_social_followers"

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